A green environment is worth investing in

Nature, soil, air, and water determine our country’s liveability to a great extent. Living with greenery and nature promotes the health, safety and well-being of people, plants and animals – in both the city and rural areas. However, our society is facing a number of major social challenges, especially where the quality of our green living environment is concerned. Examples include climate adaptation and building a higher level of sustainability in agriculture, energy and the economy. We are in the middle of a transition that will ensure a more sustainable balance between economics and ecology (the conservation of nature, landscape and biodiversity, the quality of soil, water, air and biodiversity).

As a green investment fund, The Dutch National Fund for Green Investments passionately commits itself to this cause based on the belief that ‘green’ is worth investing in. The Fund gladly contributes to the realisation of green goals in the broadest sense of the word.
Our role is an active one and it is our belief that solutions can become more attainable through relatively small and practical innovations, also on a financial level. Acting on this vision, we develop innovative financing constructions and apply our expertise in the fields of green and money to ensure that ecology and economics are more strongly connected. Moreover, we facilitate the development of new nature and new greenery in a sound relationship with society and surroundings.

It is our ambition to be the obvious financial service provider for all parties committed to the green living environment – both as the partner financially shaping green policy and as the financier of green investments. The key focus of the Dutch National Fund for Green Investments is on a sustainable perspective. We take great pride in our significant contribution towards making the Netherlands more beautiful and green. With our expertise in finance and passion for green we connect parties, fast-track projects and provide new insights that benefit the green living environment.

The Dutch National Fund for Green Investments 
Creator of financial connections for green versatility.

What we do

The Dutch National Fund for Green Investments is dedicated to making the Netherlands greener, providing services in the fields of financing, public support, advice and financial management. We are a socially engaged organisation and green investment institution aiming to contribute to improving the quantity and quality of our green living environment.

The Dutch National Fund for Green Investments develops financial instruments and bridges public and private means by breaking down (financial) barriers. In this way we enable the development and conservation of nature and landscape earlier and on a larger scale. Our unique combination of knowledge about green and about money fast-tracks projects, connects parties and provides insights that benefit the green living environment in its broadest sense: nature, landscape, air, water, biodiversity and experience.


A project with a quicker start or a reduced throughput time has a higher chance of success, which is why fast-tracking is important. In our core role as a financier we help to find projects a suitable funding to reduce not only financial, but also organisational and political risks.


We’re stronger together – whether it involves knowledge, experience or money. This is why we actively connect people with organisations, ideas with money, public with private and challenges with solutions, contributing our expertise as adviser and partner.


The shift from sectorial to integral plans calls for an innovating approach in green financing. Using our expertise in the fields of money and green we take a refreshing outlook on processes and financial opportunities and we join interests and flows of money.


The green sector should stand on its own feet, that is our motto. This is the only way green financing can be really sustainable. We therefore keep a sharp eye on the yields for people, animals and plants, as well as the financial yields. The parties to which our products and services are committed and the Dutch National Fund for Green Investments both are to benefit socially and financially.

We achieve this independently, reliably and professionally. Our approach is inspired, resourceful and connective, without aiming for profit maximisation. Our net return is added to our Revolving Fund, which once again provides fundings for green causes. This procedure makes us financially sustainable as well.

Examples of funded projects

  • Investments in sustainable energy projects for processing natural residual materials, such as manure digesters and grass pressing machines
  • Investments in climate adaptation and greenery in the city, such as green roofs
  • Allotment with room for nature and recreation
  • Prefinancing of the acquisition of pieces of land
  • Nature development on private property by land owners or farmers
  • Fund management, such as the VIN and the FSFE


  • The contribution of the Dutch National Fund for Green Investments to climate targets amounts to 136,131 tonnes of CO2, which is the number of tonnes prevented by exploiting sustainable energy or storage in forests. This number equals the emission by 17,000 households (the average emission of CO2 for energy consumption and transport per household being 8 tonnes a year).
  • 345 hectares of nature have been realised with funding by the Dutch National Fund for Green Investments, which corresponds to about 700 football pitches altogether.
  • In 2015 the Dutch National Fund for Green Investments made a profit of € 1.5 million. This result has been refunded into our Revolving Fund and is invested in new loans on behalf of the green living environment.

CSR policy

The Dutch National Fund for Green Investments is a principled and socially responsible organisation (CSR). The work of the Fund is always aimed at projects that have social relevance, such as the expansion and conservation of nature and landscape, sustainable energy, etc. The CSR policy is part of our regular service and product responsibility. The Dutch National Fund for Green Investments is transparent in its product and service provision and the related reports.

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